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The Comox Valley Community Foundation supported 18 local projects through the Neighborhood Small Grants (NSG) program.

The NSG program offers small grants of up to $ 500 for community projects to help connect neighbors while meeting all public health guidelines. The CVCF distributed a total of $ 8,818.85. for the 18 projects.

“NSG is based on a simple but powerful idea: When people feel a sense of belonging and belonging to their neighborhood, they are more likely to engage in activities that make it a better place to live and when. people are active in the life of their neighborhood, our community is strengthened from top to bottom, ”the CVCF said in a statement.

Fall 2021 marked the third time the NSG program has been offered in the Comox Valley and the response from the community has been exceptional.

“We continue to be amazed and delighted with the community’s response to the NSG program,” said CVCF President Christine Helpard. “It’s a testament to the community we live in – so many people are launching creative projects to engage with their neighbors and ultimately making the Comox Valley a stronger, more connected community. “

The following projects were funded:

• All We Can Save Circle (Cumberland)

• ASL Social Club (Courtenay)

• Basic music theory for parents and adults (Comox)

• Button / badge making workshop (Cumberland)

• Camp Road Pollinator Trail – Part 2 (Cumberland)

• Chicken TV (Cumberland)

• Christmas lighting for the Piercy-Nelson-Kirk neighborhood (Denman Island)

• Community Art Project on Climate Resilience (Cumberland)

• Community climate art exhibition (Cumberland)

• Replenishment of libraries in Comox Valley Little Seed (Courtenay)

• Dance away from stress (Black Creek)

• Denman Island Drum Circle (Denman Island)

• Afternoon of pop-up art in the aisle (Comox)

• Gathering of Hope and Light (Comox)

• Outdoor Christmas party in the neighborhood (Cumberland)

• North Denman Community Neighborhood Party (Denman Island)

• Singing Our Truths: Telling Our Stories (Cumberland)

• Tin Town neighborhood party (Courtenay)

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