16 Amsterdam-based funding rounds of 2021 that we missed


The Netherlands, home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups and scale-ups, experienced massive cash flow in 2021. Dutch startups and scale-ups have raised € 4.5 billion in venture capital over the course of of the first three quarters of 2021. Interestingly, more than a third of the startups that raised funds in H1 2021 are from Amsterdam.

According to Techleap.nl, Amsterdam has grown rapidly in terms of the overall value of its startup ecosystem over the past decade. Startups founded since 2000 in the city have a combined value of over $ 86 billion (around 73.5 billion euros), compared to just $ 12 billion (around 10.2 billion euros) in 2015, the third total in Europe.

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In 2021, many Amsterdam-based startups raised funds, encouraged innovation and created jobs. Based on data shared by Ebitwise, we’ve compiled a list of 16 Amsterdam-based startups that raised capital in 2021.

Based in Amsterdam, Ebitwise offers a flexible financial service for scale-ups, from cash flow management, financial reports and dashboards to financing and margin analysis.

Image credits: Avantium Technologies

Avantium Technologies

Founder (s): Claude Stoufs

Funding in 2021: € 30m

Funding month: December

Avantium is an Amsterdam-based technology company specializing in advanced high-throughput R&D for applications in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s proprietary technology enables faster and more cost-effective development of new and improved products and production processes.

Image credits: Detail Technologies

Retail technologies

Founder (s): Paul Veugen

Funding in 2021: € 6.2m

Funding month: August

Detail Technologies is a virtual camera that allows users to use their iPhone as an HD webcam for video calls or live recording. The platform supports various streaming software including Zoom, Google Meet, Whereby and others.

Image credits: Tribe of growth

Growth tribe

Founder (s): Peter van Sabben, David Arnoux and Quentin Lacointa

Funding in 2021: € 3.15 million

Funding month: August

The Amsterdam-based startup Growth Tribe offers specialized training in several digital fields. The area of ​​training includes Growth Marketing, Data Science, UX Design, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

They aim to bridge the digital skills gap and are committed to delivering hands-on training to professionals and students more quickly.

Image credits: Reynen Court

Reynen Court

Founder (s): Andrew Klein

Funding in 2021: € 2.66m

Funding month: December

Reynen Court empowers law firms and corporate legal departments to accelerate the adoption of AI, smart contracts and other new technologies.

The Amsterdam-based company enables businesses to run cloud-based applications on-premises or in virtual private clouds under their control, providing access to modern software solutions without sacrificing security or stability.

Image credits: ConnectBike


Founder (s): Andrew Klein

Funding in 2021: € 2.66m

Funding month: September

ConnectBike is a collaboration between the social enterprise E-bike2work and Giant, the bicycle manufacturer. ConnectBike aims to help improve air quality and sustainable mobility in and around cities. The Amsterdam-based company offers an E-Bike which the company says is suitable for take-out and parcel delivery businesses and organizations that opt ​​for shared bikes.

Image credits: Urbee


Founder (s): Taco Anema, Fleur Schraven, Dominik Juli

Funding in 2021: € 2.1 million

Funding month: September

The Amsterdam-based e-bike platform offers electric and eco-friendly bikes. Urbee aims to contribute to a more livable city, to make citizens happier and healthier and to reduce travel costs at the same time.

Image credits: Charly Cares

Charly cares

Founder (s): Charly van der Straten, Xander Koenen

Funding in 2021: € 679,000

Funding month: December

Charly Cares is a babysitting app for busy families. The startup helps families find reliable and personally selected babysitters.

Image credits: Matrixian Group

Matrixian Group

Founder (s): Luke Lipline

Funding in 2021: € 525,000

Funding month: September

The Amsterdam-based company helps organizations through data and technology create value for individuals, businesses and society. Matrixian Group interprets open data and converts it into valuable information. Currently, the company works for organizations of all sizes, from PostNL to the local pharmacy.

Image credits: WSK Medical

WSK Medical

Founder (s): Marius Wellenstein

Funding in 2021: € 525,000

Funding month: July

The company is developing AI-based diagnostic solutions called Zeno Pathology to help clinicians and physicians in the early detection of cancerous tumors and digital pathology. According to the company’s claims, it reduces manual counting time and increases the speed, consistency and accuracy for analyzing whole H&E and IHC slide images.

Image credits: BAQME


Founder (s): Souren Arakelian and Sven Velthuis

Funding in 2021: € 400,000

Funding month: October

Amsterdam-based mobility startup BAQME offers shared e-box bikes for traveling around the city. These bikes can help reduce traffic jams in cities and save people the expense of expensive parking spaces. And comparatively, electric box bikes are a fast, affordable and sustainable alternative to car journeys.

Image credits: Ellogon AI

Ellogon IA

Founder (s): Efstratios Gavves and Evangelos Kanoulas

Funding in 2021: € 297,000

Funding month: August

Ellogon.AI is developing automated biomarkers from pathological biopsies and genomic data for personalized immunotherapy using data, state-of-the-art algorithms and a research team.

The platform generates diagnostic and prognostic reports on histopathological and genomic data needed by researchers and medical professionals to assess response to treatment.

Image credits: Skinive


Founder (s): Artyom Trofimuk, Kirill Atstarov

Funding in 2021: € 297,000

Funding month: December

Skinive is a deep learning company that offers AI and CV-based skin screening technology using smartphone cameras. The company’s mission is to make skin screening and skin health monitoring accessible to everyone.

Image credits: Asthmaware


Founder (s): NA

Funding in 2021: € 300,000

Funding month: August

Asthmaware is developing a monitoring system that consists of a smart textile shirt and a mobile application. The system uses high-end sEMG technology to assess respiratory activity during sleep. As it monitors children while they sleep, it is effortless and allows continuous symptom assessment over several hours.

The startup helps children recognize the first symptoms and intervene in time. With asthma being the most common chronic disease in children, Asthmaware can improve the lives of thousands of children around the world.


Founder (s): NA

Funding in 2021: € 177,000

Funding month: August

Aithena is a software solution dedicated to helping sales teams find the ideal customers. The company has designed the software around account-based marketing and can generate exciting new prospects based on the current portfolio of clients.

Image credits: Paak.io


Founder (s): Brian Tsang and Pedro Perez Orlando

Funding in 2021: € 105,700

Funding month: July

Paak.io is a new monetization tool providing content creators with tools, best practices and analytical insights. The company aims to enable content creators to monetize their content and make it easy.

Image credits: Peazy


Founder (s): Mahul Bhattacharya, Sakyabrata Dutta

Funding in 2021: € 102,000

Funding month: December

Peazy is working with cities to make parking more transparent and make smarter decisions about their parking policies. Using data from parking meters, scanning cars and parking cards, they make predictions and simulate the impact of policy changes.

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