$1 Million Funding Injection Set to Boost Servicely’s Overseas Expansion


Australian AI platform provider Servicely has announced a $1.2 million funding injection that will aim to target significant overseas expansion.

The funding will also give a boost to the company’s marketing and product development sectors, helping them expand their reach in the growing customer market.

Among the investors in this funding round were a combination of high net worth individuals and also a family office. One investor, Charles Osburn, said Servicely’s “growing customer base and ambitious expansion strategy made it an attractive proposition”.

The company was founded by Dion Williams in 2020 and has recently seen a significant increase in client demand, signing over 20 corporate clients and creating a strong new business pipeline in Australia and the US.

Williams says the company is constantly striving to excel and move forward in order to meet customer demands, especially in the wake of pandemic-related changes.

“Our experience has shown us that the problem with existing vendors is that they don’t address the fundamental problem of people in large companies doing repetitive manual work,” Williams says.

“Servicely’s product strategy is driven by the principle that AI offers the opportunity to change the way we work, freeing people from the everyday through intelligent automation, allowing staff to focus on more high added value and providing a superior customer experience.”

Gartner research shows that the global market for hyperautomation technology will reach $596.6 billion in 2022. This figure is up from $481.6 billion in 2020 and the projected $532.4 billion. This year. This cements a real need for services and deployments as technology continues to advance.

Williams says he experienced this growth firsthand while he was the founder of Keystone Management Solutions.

“We had the luxury of many years of exposure to the best architectures and interfaces and decided to create a platform from the ground up that now has all the flexibility and power that we were used to and also solved the frustrations that we had encountered with existing approaches,” he says.

“We also observed that AI has matured into a viable component of enterprise systems. We’ve seen many companies embed AI into conversational AI support bots, but we were aiming for a much more comprehensive workflow efficiency that comes from embedding AI deep into the architecture. Once we had a clear vision, we founded Servicely and built a platform that paves the way for generational change in service desk and workflow technology. »

Servicely’s Australian clients currently include Morgans Financial, NST and Patterson Cheney. International clients include Horizon House, TCV Equity Partners and Goodman Telecoms.


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